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Pride Of The Worm is a collection of blogs written to help acquire spiritual understanding and victory during this time of uncertainty in this fast moving world. The heart of man will always have to overcome pride in any form. Whether it is an arrogant pride or a smarmy low esteem pride, it has to be conquered with the grace of God.

Only God can fix our hypocrisies and by spelling them out we can find ways to grow up in our faith. This book is not to point out all that is wrong in this world or mankind but to try and change what is not working in our lives into a life that does work for God, each other, and our personal well being. God bless you.

One of the greatest keys for a life well lived in Christ is to walk with a heart of thankfulness toward God and being grateful for all the Lord has done for us. Learning to say “Thank you” regularly in any language is a tool that will set people free, whether they have a relationship with the Lord or not. Thankfulness can move mountains out of people’s lives, no matter the hardship they are going through. We have so much to be thankful for, and now is time to express it.


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About Norm Sawyer

I currently live in the beautiful city of Kelowna, British Columbia. It was during an Okanagan Valley summer of 1979 Jesus Christ, through faith, became my Lord and Savior. At that time I was struggling with being functionally illiterate. I was transferred into an English school from a French school at the beginning of grade five; therefore, I missed all the fundamental rules of grammar and diction for reading and writing English.

In 1980 while attending Commonwealth Bible College in Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia, I miraculously started to understand how to read and write. Through prayer and faith God gave me the gift to memorise and remember scripture in vast amounts. Out of this blessing my ability to read and write grew rapidly to the point where I could teach the Word of God at a college learning level.

After living in Australia for six years working and ministering in different capacities of Christian ministry, I returned to Canada. Since that time I have been assisting at the Kelowna Christian Center Society.

For my entire adult life I have been employed as a sales rep for a security company and also offering my ministry services to the body of Christ. The blessing of living in this time of great possibilities through all the technologies available to us is truly amazing. The blog, Sir Norm’s Proverbial Comment, is one of the tools I am using to reach out and be a blessing.

3 reviews for Pride Of The Worm

  1. Customer

    Applicable for anyone, anywhere…everyone needs to read this book.

    This book takes hard to understand topics and puts them in plain language for everyone to understand. Norm’s book makes living the bible possible. Thank you.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Wonderful book filled with pearls of wisdom

    This wonderful book is filled with pearls of wisdom that can be applied in your daily life. I love the Proverbs. This book starts out each chapter with a Proverb followed by a real-life account explaining how this proverb applies in day-to-day life.
    The chapters are short but to the point. One way to read this book is as a devotional giving you something new to ponder each day. It’s definitely an interesting and uplifting read. Looking forward to reading the second book.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Wise words we can all learn from.

    Norm Sawyer has a unique way to use life and its challenges as a way to tie Gods word and its promises together.
    With every challenge there is a scripture that applies and Norm seems to be able to explain their association in a way that everyone who reads his book will easily be able to apply to his or her life. Great book in nice easy to read short chapters that you will enjoy reading more then once as this book is full of little gems.
    Looking forward to reading your next book, which I just ordered.

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