Searching For Immortality

Humanity, if they desire, have the promise of great potential for they can become the children of God. Searching For Immortality, takes a provocatively fresh, contextually accurate, look at Bible scriptures as they appear chronologically, pertaining to the subjects of life, death, immortality, resurrection, heaven and hell. As well as any scripture that may shed light onto those subjects.

1. Salvation is only through Jesus. The biblically sound Christian belief that salvation can only be found through Jesus, has traditionally been thought to exclude all who do not come to accept Jesus during this life. This exclusion would unfortunately include the majority of humanity, as may have lived before Jesus, or outside the areas where the redemption of Jesus was taught. The concept that we need to personally accept Jesus, in order to be saved, is supported in the Bible. No one can accept Jesus for you, it must be a personal choice made by the recipient.

2, God will not force himself on us. We must willingly accept him. This biblically sound belief limits the possible children of God even further as all those who died before they could personally accept Jesus would also be excluded. Including them as immortal children of God, before they could make their choice, violates their free moral agency.

Mankind’s quest for the elixir that provides eternal life, only goes to show how humanity craves their true destiny. Scientist and explorer alike have spent their fortunes and lives in search of it. Yet it is through the scriptures of the Bible that this source can be found for all of humanity. This eternal life source will be made available to all who willingly want it. But how can this be possible? For as we have seen, the majority of humanity has come and gone without the possibility of hearing or learning about Jesus, the only source of eternal life. They lived prior to the coming of Jesus, or they missed out on hearing about the salvation Jesus offers. Regardless the reason, our two guiding principles must stand firm.

All ancient cultures had a belief in an afterlife. Most religions as well, have a belief in some kind of an immortal soul, spirit, or doctrine pertaining to an immortal human existence. Having a biblical understanding of mankind’s true nature will liberate the reader to discover the plan God has in store for all of humanity. By reading and understanding all the Bible scriptures contextually that apply to immortality, here a little, there a little, then piecing them together displaying God’s plan for humanities salvation, you will understand how all humans, at some time in their conscience existence, will have the opportunity to make a fair assessment of God’s offer of eternal life. Regardless of where or when they lived, each and every person will have their one chance to choose life or death.

For the two guiding principles to be upheld for everyone, free moral agency and eternal life comes only through the acceptance of Jesus, we must stay within the plan God has laid out for us. Searching For Immortality uses the Bible as it’s sole source of Godly knowledge to reveal that plan. Reading the scriptures within their context and with the intended meanings for the original words used, the veil of confusion is lifted, to reveal our true human potential.

Clayton and his wife live in the Okanagan Valley of southern British Colombia, Canada. They have two adult children and enjoy getting out to explore the outdoors, camping and quading. Clayton started his working career as an owner-operator in the trucking industry. After an industrial accident he retrained as a heavy duty mechanic and driving instructor. He enjoys working with his hands. Being a tradesman provides a good living for his family, but his passion is to study the Bible as the Bereans did, proving what is true from the scriptures.

Clayton is a published freelance author within the Christian genre. He writes articles and bible studies for the web site, and has audio books and articles appearing on various podcast websites.

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